Weekending 02/23/2018
Well, I have always said these short weeks SUCK!
So let’s take a step back and look at some key items in what to do if you have a security breach in your network.
1. Freeze Everything!
a. Disconnect the Internet!
2. Check your Auditing and Logs
a. If you are not doing this, not good…
3. Change ALL passwords.
a. This should be a regular occurrence anyways…
4. Assess the Damage.
a. Odds are, most will be lost at this point. This is where that geek/nerd comes in handy; respect the talent.
5. Diagnose how it happened.
a. Don’t be ashamed you messed up, we all do. The sooner you understand it is OK to screw up and ask for trussed help to resolve it the better off you are.
6. Make a Plan to Prevent it from happening again.
a. Now this typically means doing things you are not accustomed to; but let’s admit it most hate change but we need to do it to grow; so embraces it and learn from it.
7. Communicate the results with the appropriate personnel.
a. Now this is more in a business environment, but can be in the personal environment as well when was the last time you ever wanted to admit to your significant other “Oops I screwed up!” Knowing you’re going to get crap for a long period of time… but it is OK if you admit fault and take measures to resolve such faults and make it a habit. You will find that you will do it in other aspects of your life.
8. Be aware of what you are using technology for, draw it out and be informed… and if you need assistance do not be afraid to ask!