Big News this week, Microsoft's Spring Creator update is to be released this month with a reported update time of 30 minutes.  Intel has finally public the processors they will not be updating as to the Spectre Meltdown vulnerability reported back in January of 2018.

Microsoft Windows 10 Spring Creators Update build 1803 highlights:

  1. Improved Operating System Update Alerts.
  2. Timeline, adds history to the Task View.
  3. Settings App, gets a Fluent Design makeover and more sub-level application additions to the Top level categories.
    • Continues to replace the Control Panel functions.
  4. Sound configuration moved to the Settings App.
  5. Startup tab is ported from Task Manager to Settings App under Apps.
  6. Diagnostic Data Viewer tool, use it to inspect telemetry data sent to Microsoft and other 3rd party providers.
  7. Windows Defender Application Guard.
  8. Configure upload and download limits for updates.
  9. Nearby Sharing feature is powered by Bluetooth or WiFi.
    • Will be looking into disabling this feature for corporate accounts and personal safety.
  10. Cortona is getting some updates:
    • Notebook
    • More skills with home automation services
    • Lists sync with iPhone and Android devices
    • List and Reminders features gets some attention also.
  11. Focus Assist, use it to eliminate distractions.
  12. Password recovery is now supported with local accounts
    • Not sure if this is a option in the Home version.
  13. Edge browser gets a Mute button for sites that love to push their audio.
  14. Dock F12, developer tool for the Edge browser.
  15. For Dual-GPU laptops and high-end tablets, assign graphics support on a per-app basis
  16. Shop for more Fonts in the Microsoft Store; would recommend staying away from this unless you like to slow down your machine.

Intel Processors not getting the Spectre / Meltdown update CVE-2017-5715

  1. Bloomfield
  2. Clarksfield
  3. Gulftown
  4. Harpertown
  5. Xeon Co
  6. Harpertown Xeon Eo
  7. Jasper Forest
  8. Penryn/QC
  9. SoFIA 3GR
  10. Wolfdale Co
  11. Wolfdale Mo
  12. Wolfdale Eo
  13. Wolfdale Ro
  14. Wolfdale Xeon Xo
  15. Wolfdale Xeon Eo
  16. Yorkfield
  17. Yorkfield Xeon

Intel says it has conducted a comprehensive investigation of the micro-architecture and microcode capabilities of these CPUs and determined that some of their characteristics prevent a practical implementation of mitigations for Spectre Variant 2 CVE-2017-5715.

With the use of virtualization or creative networking these systems should not have exposure to the direct internet.

Have a great week...