Why do we even have landfills other than people are just ignorant and lazy?  Everything we make today should be recyclable and there should be no need for landfills or garbage dumps...

Going through a list of items that are in our daily lives:

  • Clothes, shred for insulation, rags, hand me downs, stuffed objects, etc...
  • Plastic, shred and process for other plastic items.
  • Styrofoam, shred and remake back into other Styrofoam objects.
  • Metal, process to make other metal objects.
  • Wood, shred and process for making other wood objects or compost to nurture the earth we live on.
  • Rubber, process to use for other rubber items..
  • Wasted food, compost to nurture the earth we live on.
  • Glass, processed and made back into glass items.
  • Paper, processed or compost.
  • Etc...

Can you think of anything that can not be recycled in one form or another?  We need to insist that manufacturers and producers of products have to be responsible for the products they place into the world, that if it is not recyclable it should not be produced.