Each Browser has a means of keeping the passwords from being saved.

Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome; upper right corner select the More (three dots); select Settings option. Scroll down to the Advanced option; click on the Advanced options. Scroll down to Managed Passwords, now Remove all Saved Passwords and Never Saved options.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open Mozilla Firefox; upper right corner select the Open Menu (Hamburger, three lines); select Options button. Click on the Privacy & Security button, select the Saved Logins... button. Select all items in "Logins for the following sites are stored on your computer", click the Remove All button; select Close button. Make sure no options for remembering passwords is selected.

Microsoft Edge:

Open Microsoft Edge; upper right corner click on the Settings and More (three dots) button; select Settings option. Select the Choose what to clear button; select the Passwords option (Personally I select everything), select the Clear button. Before leaving the Clear browsing data area, turn On the "Always clear this when I close the browser". select the back button next to Clear browsing data. Scroll down to View advanced settings button, select and then scroll down again to Save passwords and switch Off. Close the browser...

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11:

Open Internet Explorer; click on the Tools button, select Internet Options button. Select the Content tab in the Internet Options window. Select the Settings button under Auto Complete. Select the Manage Passwords button in the Auto Complete Settings window.  This will open the Credential Manager, (Yes, we could have gotten to this window in the Control Panel but be patient...) Expand all saved Web Passwords and select the Remove option, continue this until all saved Web Passwords are gone; once done Close the Credential Manager window.  Back at the Auto Complete Settings window, Uncheck User names and passwords on forms & Ask me before saving passwords; select the OK button. At the Internet Options window, select Apply button and then the OK button. Your done now close the browser...

Happy Secure surfing...