In these trying times of fear, unreliable information, hatred, the blame game and the shameful actions of media outlets.  Before you pass quick judgment on that opening line, take a moment from your scrolling of your favorite social media choice and indulge me.

When I was younger, we believed in getting the facts and allow the individual to come to their own conclusion and was encouraged to discuss it in a calm manner.  We also were told if we did not like something on television or radio to either change the channel, turn it off or leave the room, let’s face it we didn’t always like what are parents watched as I am confident my children are unable to appreciate what I rarely watch as I now realize I did not appreciate what my parents watched.  Most every where I look now, we are overwhelmed with data and information not truly knowing what is factual, what is manipulative, or if it is a prank.

As I frustratedly watched the media over the last week to get myself up to speed with the historic events happening currently; I am saddened with the pathetic opinions of almost every news media organization out there. The even more disgusting thing to watch is the blame game; has this country and planet gotten to the point of very few individuals take responsibility for their own actions and to coming up with solutions instead of the easy point of identifying the problems?  Any idiot can identify a problem, now days it takes a brave individual to offer solutions, knowing it will be ridiculed and judged by the masses.

As we begin the month of April 2020, I am assured it will be one of the more difficult ones in our lives; with millions in this country out of work currently and the possibility of more to come, the younger generations have never experienced such an event and as the thought overcomes me with the elderly being hit the hardest with this pandemic and the knowledge and experience that will be lost in its aftermath.  We the older generations should be bearing the weight and responsibility to step up and hold back emotion and fear to ultimately calmly guide and lead our society out of this and grow stronger for it.  We have a long hard month in front of us and if we maintain a calm approach and apply logic to a seemingly out of control society, we will make it through this.

Might I recommend instead of binge watching some ridiculous show take some of that time to truly look at what is happening and see what you can do to use your natural talents whatever they may be, to better yourself, your family and your community. It will not be an easy task, as you navigate through a mine field of dis-information, irrational opinions, historical emotions, ignorance, and closed doors but I promise you it will be rewarding if you endure it to completion.

Wishing everyone a safe and sane future.