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Email scams and phishing:

In these pressing times, the sad reality is the criminals and hackers are not taking a break they are looking for any opportunity to infiltrate a company’s network infrastructure.  More than every you should be looking at emails that even come from trusted sources for hyperlinks that will take you to a malicious site to install software to either introduce ransomware and or hijack your account to help spread the infection.


Individuals tend to have a style or pattern to the way they construct emails either on their computer or mobile device.  Keep an eye out for changes in that style or pattern these are key items to look for when looking at emails from others.  Just because it comes from a reliable source doesn’t mean their account was not hacked.

ALWAYS hover over a hyperlink to see where it is going, if the link looks suspicious never click on it and report it to IT for further review.

When keeping up to date with the current information and news go to reputable resources; be watchful of hyperlinks from such websites like and as they sell space of news feeds that could potentially lead to malicious sites, once again ALWAYS hover over hyperlinks to see where they are going.

Safe links for getting current information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arizona State specific:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

John Hopkins University:


Thank you and be safe and sane.