First and foremost, what do you do with the technology you own, as of the year 2018?

Not a big fan of putting my personal information in the hands of some company’s assets; but the reality of it is with the industry constantly deploying crap software and forcing updates, not security patches but software updates you are forced to run with the big dogs.

To Cloud:

A variety of cloud storage solutions; your big players are Amazon Drive, Apple iCloud, Drop Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive; yes, there are others, but these are small players in this realm and when it comes to your personal digital information do you want to trust it in a company that might be gone next year or bought by one of the big players?

Provider Mac/Windows Mobile Entry Price Next Level
Amazon Drive Yes/Yes Yes 10GB with Prime 100GB @ 11.99 Annually
Apple iCloud Yes/Yes Yes 5GB with device 50GB @ .99 cents a month
Drop Box Yes/Yes Yes 1TB @ 99.00 Annually More features not more space
Google Drive Yes/Yes Yes 15GB with Account 100GB @ 1.99 a month
Microsoft One Drive Yes/Yes Yes 5GB with Account 50GB @ 1.99 a month


The above items look at storage only, each one of them you can look at Business style accounts or bundles to increase a better bang for your dollar in storage.

Not to Cloud:

Simple solution would be to purchase a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, personal favorite would be Qnap.  The entry level device is the Qnap TS-328; a three-drive bay storage device with current support for up to 12TB drives.  In a RAID 5 you would get 23TB of usable storage space. Keeping this on a budget with the correct parts; the Qnap TS-328-US will run you $249.00 on Amazon; some Western Digital 2TB NAS drives (WD10EFRX) will run you $60.99 for three extend that to $182.97as of 06/16/2018. So, for under $500 you have roughly 3.5TB of usable storage space.  That can sync with your mobile device, laptops, desktops and other technology devices.

Now time to make a choice.